About Us

Soldier of God Apparel was born out of necessity. The necessity to bring hope and inspiration into a world full of so much negativity.  I spent over a decade as a police officer.  I knew in my heart of hearts that I was born to help people…to make their lives better because they met me.   The problem I saw with this, was there was only one of me and there were millions of people that needed hope and inspiration.   That being said, what if we could help people?  What if we could make hundreds of people’s lives better, simply by being around us?  That is the seed that got the concept of Soldier of God Apparel started.

Soldier of God

Historically speaking, t-shirts with any kind of substance or message where reserved for the religious. Unfortunately, not only did you get a shirt that was overtly religious, but it was also uncomfortable and lacking style. Therefore, you had to buy a shirt that was made only for the front pew Bible thumping Christians that drove a minivan. As a follower of God, my job is to do what Christ did. Help all of man. He didn’t only talk to believers. He spoke to non-believers. Jesus spent his life helping humanity become better people. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to believe in God or be a Christian to wear Soldier of God clothing. You just need to be willing to spread hope and inspiration. That’s exactly what Soldier of God Apparel’s clothes do. Every shirt is not only a killer design. It is also spreading a message of hope and inspiration to anyone that sees you. It’s a shirt that’s not just for the wearer, but for everyone else.


We work hard to make sure our shirts are stylish, something you can wear everyday.


Comfortable and quality materials made to last.


Here at Soldier of God Apparel we have a purpose and so do our shirts.

Designed with a Purpose

Soldier of God Apparel is so much more than just a t-shirt company. It is consciously choosing to make the world a better place and look badass while doing it.  Rarely can you do so much good just by existing. Soldier of God Apparel is not just a t-shirt company.  It’s a movement.







Our Shirts

These shirts are made to plant seeds into the minds of anyone who sees them.  Imagine just standing in line at the store and being able to plant a seed of hope in the person behind you.  You didn’t have to do anything except wear a Soldier of God shirt and you changed that person’s life forever.
The world is a dangerous place.  Not because the people who are evil, but because of those who see evil being done and do nothing about it”
 ~Albert Einstein.

Meet the person doing something about it

Joshua Hayes

Joshua Hayes

Soldier of God

Soldier of God Apparel

Not just a Store, it’s a movement